Left Analog also inputs D-pad for PS2 & Wii

Not sure if it’s all games. It doesn’t seem to happen to Game Cube games (who also use Dolphin), but it does for Super Smash Bros. Brawl: the character moves and taunts with the left analog. Same thing happens with PS2 games. I’ve checked the input configuration and everything is as it should.

Either you have wrongly bound duplicate mappings for left stick and D-Pad, or are using “Analog to Digital” with an ancient RA version, which does not block those duplicate inputs.

Or those particular cores for some reason bypass RA input stuff, which is rather unlikely.

The configurarions are as they should; digital to analog is even turned off. Seems to be a problem with the core not recognizing the configurations. When I disconnect the second controller in RetroArch it doesn’t even disconnect ingame (for PS2).

My RetroArch version is the latest.