Less resource hungry Sync to Exact Content solution?

Hy guys,

Is there a solid reason why the Sync to exact content option is so tasking on the resources? The performance takes a serious hit when enabling it in order to play at content’s intended speed. Ex. Syncing with audio or video, the frames stay comfortably at 60. Enabling Sync to content, drops the framerate to mid 40.

Can this be improved maybe?


It doesn’t take any resources.

Is VRR enabled in your GPU driver and display?

Hi RealNC,

I’m not using VRR display.

I’m on android on high refresh screen (160 hz). It may be different implementation for android then, because it most certainly drops performance considerably, which is noticeable in demanding cores/drivers.

(the reason i’m using this option is because it improves the framepacing on this refresh rate, as i covered in a few previous posts)