Libretro Testing Builds

ITT: feel free to post your unofficial libretro builds.

Since the Phoenix Updater is gone, the Windows port will be switching to a monolithic release schedule, similar to that of the console and mobile ports. For people wanting to test the newest features and fixes for various cores, that will require either building cores yourself or getting someone else to build them for you.

I’ll be posting various builds in my mediafire account:

When possible, I’ll include 32- and 64-bit libraries in a single archive. Currently, I have builds for MAME 0.150 (64-bit only), Picodrive and FFmpeg-libretro. EDIT: added VBA-Next with fixed tiled rendering. EDIT2: added mupen64plus.

All builds from this thread should be considered unofficial and unsupported. Expect bugs.

Thanks for these.

Thanks for the test builds. This is my first time making a post here but I have a simple request.

The Request goes like this: “Could you host the Mame ver 0.150 core for 32 bit systems?” Because I have had trouble trying to get Retroarch to record on Camstudio because it won’t support 64 bit programs. If you could host that core I would deeply appreciate it.

Ever try recording with Open Broadcaster? It’s the best free recording software I’ve tried so far and works with RetroArch 64bit. It was pretty easy to figure out how to use too.

not to mention retroarch has recording functionality built in. You can probably stream too but not 100% on that.

Unfortunately, the newer MAMEs don’t build with 32-bit mingw (the Windows toolchain) at the moment. MAME 078 is available in 32-bit, though.

Retroarch can indeed dump video and/or stream on its own though I assume KOManiacJim was wanting to do commentary or something, which would require an external recording program.

hunterk, can you help me? what do I need to compile RetroArch in Wii? I only get libogc installed on my pc, I have just compiled a few emus, which other libraries do I need to get?


@askot You’ll need libogc, DevKitPro and at least one compiled libretro, since everything is statically linked.

This hasn’t been updated in a good while, so would it be possible to add the required files needed for the MAME cores please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

heh, I pretty much stopped doing it when lordashram started posting his builds with more regularity: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=993

ah, thank you anyway…

Sorry for the bump, but lordashram isn’t doing win32 builds. As he has no interest in it.

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