Light Gun/Wii Remote Lichtknarre vJoy2 RetroArch Setup

Hi all, I’m trying to use a Wii Remote in RetroArch (windows 10 64bit) as a light gun but not for any specific core although at the moment I’m using PlayStation (Beetle PSX HW) but wish to use any other core in the furture.

I’ve setup 4 IR LEDs around the screen and connected the Wiimote using Lichtknarre ( and vJoy2 ( This has worked for the Wiimote buttons but not the mouse cursor no matter what driver settings I mess with in RetroArch. The only cursor recognition I have noticed is if I bind a dpad or analogue stick direction by hitting enter on the keyboard and then move the Wiimote in one direction RetroArch recognises “AxisX+”, “AxisX-”, “AxisY+” or “AxisY-”. However the cursor will not move once these are set.

If I use the “Mouse (Windows Api)” plugin in Lichtknarre the cursor then works but the buttons are not recognised. Can someone please advise how to setup vJoy2 and Lichtknarre with RetroArch (if it’s possible)?

I have recently managed to get GlovePIE to work with a lightgun script from here ( but it does not use the more accurate 4 IR setup I want to use.

Any help will be much appreciated as I think I’m starting to loose it. :exploding_head:

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so far i remember i used this software (hope this still works)

when i build a wiimote in a nerfgunand used it as a lightgun but that was some years ago , now i have the sinden

also i found this

maybe one of or a combination of those works

glovepie is incredible old at this point and i remember mostly nothing of it so can´t help you otherwise

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Have you got the issue resolved? I got the same problem even tho not specific for retroarch. I just can’t get vJoy2 working with any emulator for the aiming, but the button did.

Sorry for my bad english, not my first language