Lightgun games problem with mouse/controller

Good evening everyone, I’m trying to configure the games that use light gun, the nes ones I could use the mouse, the mega drive ones I can use the controller, but the master system ones I can’t configure at all, I use the core picodrive, it’s possible do the configuration on it? recommend any? I use pico drive for the mega drive and it works fine, if anyone has the configuration files to share there it would also help, I would like to use them all through the controller, but if not, it can be through the mouse, I just want them to be playable

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Hi, I don’t think PicoDrive supports lightgun games, but Genesis Plus GX does.

Load your Master System light gun game with the Genesis Plus GX core.

  • Open the Quick Menu (F1)

  • Open Controls, Port 1 Controls, change Device Type to MS Light Phaser.

  • Use your Mouse to zap away :smiley:

You can also go to Core Options, Input, and change the option to use a touch screen.