Link Support Not Working with Sameboy

With link Support Added to RetroArch.

I can’t get to different Games loaded at same time to link with. I just get 2 Screens with same Game.

How do I be able get 2 games to run different games at same time

i am using Latest Offical Release 1.7.1 64 bit Version and I am Using Windows 10

You have to load a game in advance to get the new menu.

Follow the same workflow I do in the video.

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Do load up a Game 1st like there but when I go back like on there it still has the Number #1 on the Bottom instead of the #2.

But I have to load the Game thru “Load Content” as the Link button does not come up when I just load the Core Up.

That made it hard to Exactly Follow that Video

Sorry but I don’t understand your english.

Okay I try explain it Better.

I looked at the Video and it has “Load 2 player gameboy link” that has #1 underneath. I do that and on your video it goes back to the Quick Menu to go to “Load 2 player gameboy link” with the #2 underneath.

That does not happen when I try. When I put 1st Game in both Screens come up with same game but I go back to the Quick Menu and it still says “Load 2 player gameboy link” that has #1 underneath. Never seen #2 come up. Why is that?

Does that Explain it Better or be better to make a Video of It showing what Happens?

If you check the video carefully, it shows #1, then you load #1, then shows load #2, then you load #2, then the option changes to start.

The game you load “first” can be completely different, ie: you could load battletoads first and then load pokemon blue and red.

Another thing, the “Load from Archive” option doesn’t work, so if your games are zipped use the browse option.

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Tried That but I did not know how to Explain it so I just made a Video and Uploaded to YouTube so you can see what is Wrong or What have I not Done:

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Ok, the problem is that you don’t have a browser dir set, I don’t know why this happens, the same issue exists with the disk control interface.

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Okay. Glad I know but How do I set it up to have a Browser Dir Set?

Also While I am asking. How do I set Controls for 2nd Gameboy?

Settings - Directories - Menu Browser Dir Just like any other core, you set a second gamepad for player 2

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Okay. I have got the Link Working Now BUT when I trying to set-up the Player 2 I just find that I can’t use the Keyboard to set the Player 2 Buttons. Just says I can use the Controller to set up the Buttons and I am already using that for Player 1.

I only have 1 Gamepad.


Since Posting this I been to then Shop and Brought this for $25

Would that be able to work as a 2nd Player with 2nd Controller?

Hi. Thought I would add my bit to this.

I’ve got Sameboy up and running with a different game in each window. (Pokemon GB2 in this case, though I’ve also tried Dragon Warrior Monsters 2). Both games run fine. When I try to set up a link between the two games the player that does not initiate the link freezes. The other player may or may not. In DWM2 both froze, in Pokemon GB2 I ended up battling a copy of myself!

I can get the link working with the TGB Dual core funnily enough but it won’t let me save the game!

Running both cores with individual roms works fine.

Am I doing something simple wrong?

Thanks for any help.

I dunno make a video I don’t understand what you’re saying.

I just tried loading pokemon gold in both slots and all is good here (in dual link mode):

It’s impossible in single cart mode because the SRM doesn’t load for the second slot (although I guess I could make it load the same one)

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Yeah. I had no problem using the Link Cable Function with SameBoy once I figured out how to get 2 up at the Same Time.

I do agree make video of what Happens makes it bit easier to understand what is Happening.

I did not know other Cores have the Link Cable Function. Thought it was just for the SameBoy Core

Hi. I’m in the process of uploading a video now but it may take a while (rubbish Sky internet :slight_smile: but I was reading the instructions again and saw this:

NOTE: You need to set the Filebrowser Directory to your starting point directory if you want to use the subsystem feature. It will not work properly without.

Does that mean anything terribly special. My file browser directory is set to the root folder of all my games. Thanks for all the help so far. Sorry for not describing it well :frowning:

Here’s the video. If you click through there is a breakdown of the various timings at the bottom.

I just read on the Launchbox Netplay tutorial that TGB Dual does link cable via netplay!

as most launchbox tutorials, that assessment is incomplete. TGB Dual does allow netplay but only for the same game. I recently added dual cart support but that doesn’t support netpla I dunno about your games not linking, mine are linking just fine…

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Hi. Thanks for the info.

Have updated my video:

Have tried with Pokemon Gold and Silver. It worked fine, after the link initially timed out on the first attempt.

Then I tried again with exactly the same process for the other two games (Pokemon GB2 and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2) and each time it hanged.

Is there a way to debug this?

Have you Tried using a Different Version of Retroarch that has this Game Link in it?

Look for Latest Versions Here:

Yep tried again with the latest nightly.

Pokemon Gold / Silver: Fine Dragon Warrior monsters 2: One GameBoy resets, the other hangs Pokemon GB2: One GameBoy starts battling a clone of itself, the other hangs.

I’ll maybe try finding a list of GBC link games and try a few different ones.

Thanks for all the help and advice again.