Linux PCSX2 is working now?

Only to understand. In Linux the PCSX2 core is working for current version ? Thanks for reply.

It was working in the previous version as well.

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I know the answer to that

here is the solution

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Works well in the latest versions of Lakka (Generic x64) :slight_smile:

Thanks for all replies. I will install libaio1.

The core is based in PCSX2 64 bis version ? Hey the performance is the same or better than using the emulator PCSX2 ?

The libretro core uses the x86_64 dynarec, so it requires an x86_64 CPU, but not sure how it compares to the new 64bit standalone build.

Otherwise performance is good, I’m currently running it on a Lakka 3.6 build with a Hades Canyon NUC/i7-8809G and all of my compatible games with 2x or 3x scaling are fine.