Retroarch is not loading pcsx2 core

greetings , I have the retroarch linux version and the core pcsx2 , retroarch is not recognize , I load the core and is not working , I have the bios and files but I don´t know what a should to do to fix this problem , Can someone help me please?

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what kind of error is it giving you?

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when I load the core is not recognize , and if I load some play 2 game , is said error to open libreto

the rest the core , retroarch is recognize , even the play2 core but not the pcsx2

We would need to see a verbose log of you trying to load the core to even guess. You can launch from a command line with --verbose

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ok , How I can do that? I’m little rocky to ubuntu xd . If you want , I can share picture to the error

so… I press the core pcsx2

and then that happen

there are a few ways to get a log, but the easiest is to go to settings > log and set both logging verbosities to DEBUG and ‘log to file’ to ON. Then do whatever you need to do to reproduce the offending behavior and it will then create a log file in your ‘log’ directory, which you can open in a text editor. If you want us to take a look at it, copy/paste the log contents somewhere like and the post a link to it here (this is more convenient for people than having to download it and open it in our own text editors)

Posting a picture is usually not so good because we can’t search through it and the logs are usually too long to show in a single pic.

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Ok I thing I got it

the link is correct?

yes, it works. This core requires you to have a runtime dependency (shared lib) installed on your system:

[ERROR] Error(s): cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Once you have that installed, it should start up.

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ok thank you , but how I should install To make it work?

sudo apt install libaio1

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Is works!! Thank so much Hunterk truly , and the god retrogaming bless retroarch forever <3

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If i could piggyback off this thread here, im having the same issue, but im not sure if it’s the same cause. I’ve already gone through all the steps outlined in this thread and I was hoping either Hunterk or someone else could help me make sense of the log. I’ll attach my pastebin link below. Thanks in advance!

This appears to be a different issue, since you appear to be using Windows. However, the log you posted doesn’t seem to show you attempting to load any games. Is the logging verbosity set to 0-debug for both?

I’m not sure, how would I go about checking/changing that?

Disregard^, Yes logging verbosity is set to 0 debug on both