Linux udev rumble


I’m using Windows 10 with a blissbox 4play and as there’s no rumble for d-input I can’t use my N64 and PlayStation 2 controller the way I want.

So my question is if I switch to Linux and use udev will I be able to use rumble with my blissbox? I’ve used udev in the past but I’m not that familiar with it.

I believe udev supports rumble, yes. You probably want to try via live CD or something, though, before you go wiping out your Windows installation altogether.

I’ll be reinstalling windows once my new ssd arrives (by the looks of things it’s a month away) and though I’ll try linux at the same time. But a live cd is a great idea. I can give that a try in the weekend. Thanks for the tip

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@hunterk, do you know if it’s possible to put vibration on d-input? Is there anything in development?

i don’t know if it’s technically possible or not, but I know there’s nobody working on it currently.