Load save states on different device / cloud saving

Hello guys, i just set up a network between my laptop, my desktop pc and my android phone in order to use cloud saving and continue a game on any of the three devices. It is working so far as a save state i create on one device is synced properly to the other devices and into the directories i have set retroarch to read.

While it works well to load a save file (.srm) from the save folder, the save states (.state) seem to be invisible. I can restart the game on the device i played the game on and load the savestate but if i try to load on the other devices the message “savestate from position #0 loaded” appears but the game progresses as if i did nothing.

Does anyone got an idea about this? cause i truly dont have any anymore… thanks for every answer in advance

I use the same method to sync save states, works well for me. The situation that you describe happens to me only when the save states are not yet fully synced between devices. They’re possibly much bigger than game saves so maybe you need to wait a bit longer.

mh i think thats not it… the states are about 100 kb and i can see the file is updated and actual. it seems like the other devices cant process the files as if it has a hidden stamp from the other retroarch or sth like that.

oh, there’s one more thing. Afaik save states won’t work if the config on your RA instances differes, e.g. video driver.

ahh that led me on the right path. i didnt messed much with the settings so i thought that wont be the solution. BUT it was much easier my laptop is much weaker than my desktop pc so i used the bsnes accuracy on my desktop and balanced on the laptop. and this was it. the saving device couldnt even load the own states with the other core. it doesnt matter if one has 2014 and one mercury that works fine. thank you very much :slight_smile: