Logging Run Ahead

Some background: I made this document a few years back for logging RetroArch Run Ahead Settings.

Was starting to play around with it again logging some games but I recall having this problem back then.

What is the accepted standard for logging the Run-Ahead?

For example a lot of games on SNES will have different Run Ahead Frames for different actions. Perhaps movement is 1 frame run ahead while slashing a sword is 3 frames ahead.

I have always felt going by lowest frame amount is the answer but I am not positive if this is 100% correct or is even preferred by the player.

Any opinions or guidance on this based on some kind of facts would be preferred.

My other question is if their is any plans to disassociate Run Ahead Settings from retroarch.cfg and allow this setting to be saved to a game specific file. The idea being we could share run ahead setting files per game or even make it apart of whats included with retroarch in future. Just an idea.

Curious what people think and feel free to edit the document as its always been open.

Yes, go with the lowest.

Yes, we’ve thought about doing an external database thing, but since there isn’t such a thing, we haven’t implemented it yet :stuck_out_tongue: chicken/egg

Thanks for the tip. Yeah I think we can get around having a database if at the very least we can save per game configs for Run-Ahead. Maybe at first people sharing their config files but maybe in the future these configs can be part of the release. Subbed an issue regarding being able to save run-ahead configs:

they can already be saved via per-game overrides.

I am looking may I ask where those overrides save to?

retroarch_dir/config/corename/gamename, I think…?

That did the trick thanks.

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Started this up hopefully it can get going now. The idea is to have Run-Ahead’s override files preset for as many games as possible . Did a couple of SNES games working my way through the spreadsheet back tracking everything then hopefully some forward progress.

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