Logitech F710 Anyone?

Im very fan of this controller, it is robust PS Style and uses AA batteries! Duration is Excellent

However, a big drowback is that controller gives me frequent responsiveness issues, it may lose connection with reciver from about a 0.5 to 2 seconds, and this happens more frequently with the distance. I always use it with extender and even sitting on desktop ( receiver less than 30cm away) it stop response for a second aprox commonly (the green light blinks). When im on the sofa the loses are more frequent, (up to 2 times per hour) and can take longer so i have to change position to try get them in vision line, i always try to put the receiver the nearest possible and facing directly to the controller, as if it was an infrared controller. I dont get it what causes this, distance affects, but thats not all, and my enviroment dont have much 2.4Ghz devices which may cause interference. Even mice and Keyboard (Logitech too) works perfectly even from a concrete wall and 10m away between them.

Anyone have any experience with this? Got any way of solving the microshorcuts on connection?

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I had two F710 controllers some years ago on my gaming build, and the reason I don’t have’em anymore is exactly what you describe. These controllers are shit, that’s all.

Back then, I tried other similar PS-style controllers, all of them having similar problems to the F710 (seriously, seems impossible to have a decent 2,4Ghz controller with stable connection) until I ended up with the perfect solution: DualShock4 controllers with a Bluettoth device and the excellent DS4Windows software.

Excellent connectivity, stability, and all the goodness of a PS controller (excellent d-pad and button layout). It also gives me the ability to play lightgun games using the gyro, which gives excellent results, and you can manage the NintendoDS pointer on the DS4 touchpad, for example.

I have 4 DS4 controllers, and they work flawlessly when connected at the same time (for parties with friends) even being all of them connected to the same BT device.


I though on that too, but it doesnt adds latency? Since it depens of another app?

I have on my DS4 with DS4Windows about 2-3ms of latency most of the time, which I’m sure is far better than F710’s latency. It’s also much more stable. I really suggest you to give it a try.

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