Long lost SNES game found and it's actually good!

It’s not often a long lost game is discovered and it’s not only complete but it’s actually good. That’s the case with Cooly Skunk for the Super Nintendo or in this case the Super Famicom. The game is from 1995 and was originally on the Satellaview modem peripheral. It was discovered last year in Tokyo at the Super Potato store. While the BSX cart only had three levels, ROM hacker MasterF0x was able to unlock the whole game so that it can be played through from start to finish. Credit goes to billscat socks for successfully obtaining the game and sanmaiwashi for preserving and dumping the game.


I love this. Thanks for the heads-up!

EDIT: So, I read more about this, and the cart was sitting in Super Potato tagged for about 500 USD. So glad that the person who saw it knew/understood its rarity.

And the game was finally released for the PSX, although they are completely different games.

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It looks and sounds like Mr Nutz. I’lm pretty sure the tail sound is from Mr. Nutz.

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I can see the similarities, but Cooly Skunk is what evolved into Punky Skunk on the PSone.

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Its always good to hear another game didn’t get left behind.

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I got the rom but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. Looking forward to try it.