Looking for guide on Thumnails

Hi, I am looking for a guide to assist me with thumbnails. I updated and have them in the retroarch folder but the images are not showing up in the list?

I am using Win10

Try this


Looks Good. Ty. …

This link is broken. I will provide a step by step below to help new users as i just went through figuring out how to do this.


In my locale this is the first Google result when searching retroarch thumbails

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Oh ok cool it works now.

Additionally, here is some more detailed info:

  1. Download the thumbnail packs either inside Retroarch or on your PC here
  2. Ensure that the name of your game inside the playlist file matches exactly like the name of the thumbnail file


Game Display Name in playlist file:

Final Fantasy IX

Game thumbnail file name inside art folder(s):

Fianl Fantasy IX.png

Lastly, keep in mind that if you have customized the display name of your games, every time you scan the game file inside Retroarch, it will most likely give it a default name which will cause the box art to no longer be displayed. So , as a tip, set up your playlist and artwork files manually if you plan on having custom display names and avoid scanning them inside Retroarch. For example:

~Custom Name~

Final Fantasy.nes

~Thumbnail Name~

Final Fantasy.png

When you scan the game file in Retroarch:

~Retroarch Scanned Name~

Final Fantasy (USA).nes



I apologize that my last message was so brief, I was writing it on a phone from an airplane in a rush but I didn’t want you to start over again if you were interested in writing thumbnail docs.

Do you see any opportunity to improve the doc that I linked above? If so it is not hard at all to propose improvements and maybe you have found an area. Could use a better explanation. Let me know it’s useful for me to show you how to propose an update to the docs :slight_smile: