Looking for lost (Ninja) game

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for a game that’s lost from my childhood. It was either a Genesis/master system or SNES game.

All I remember is there are two parts, one where you’re fighting along atop of a train and another, I believe, where you’re in the sewer. Both early in the game.

Any ideas?

My first guess would be Ninja Gaiden, but that’s NES. Tbh, those are some pretty generic scenarios that are going to be in almost any ninja game of the era. Can you give any other hints?

Well, I know it’s definitely not Ninja Gaiden. Big fan of those games. I’m trying to remember a bit more about it, but the really big thing that stands out is the moving train. You couldn’t climb or anything like in NG, and I remember it being pretty challenging. Sorry I’m not much help but it’s a pretty old memory.


It was “Bad dude vs Dragon Ninja”. Thanks to Brigane from the Retropie forums for figuring it out. Thanks to everyone else for their help too.

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Hah I always like when people figure out a game with basic descriptions like this. Was it the NES version that you played?

was going to say bad dude but since you said it to be genesis or snes… well…

Yeah I was way off on that one. I remember the visuals being more impressive. The arcade port seems exactly like what I remember, maybe I was remembering that?

It must have been. I know it was on a console, and that’s the only console port right?

Well it was also released on the Zeebo console so it could have been that version… haha ya you def played it on the NES if it wasn’t a computer version.

Sadly I’ve never touched a Zeebo. Maybe I’ll dig one up eventually or try emulating, but definitely not the Zeebo version. Nostalgia goggles are in full effect I suppose. :slight_smile: Still, also to get to go back and play this again (soon!).

I love trying to figure it out when someones trying to piece together the details to find a forgotten game. This should be like a party game or something. In the midst of trying to figure it out you end up hearing about games you never knew existed from other people.

Also Bad Dudes is a great game. The arcade is miles better over the nes of course but I remember as a kid thinking it doesnt get much more awesome than fighting ninjas on an 18 wheeler.

Is it Shinobi? That’s the only other ninja game I know on older consoles that no one else mentioned.