Lost savefile after sudden Windows shut down

I was playing Donkey Kong 64 when my laptop ran out of battery. When i opened retroarch again my save was only 49 mins of playtrough, but I had over 4 hours! Before this occurs I had saved the game more than 10 times, every time i started to play and load that save, my progress was just fine. Also I had turned the SaveRam Autosave interval to every 10 min.

I did some savestates and I know I could overwrite the SaveRam but even my last savestate is quitte far away from my progress through the game… Any thoughts on why this could happened to me?

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Having the exact same problem. On ungraceful shutdown save is gone. Pretty frustrating and i dont know how to fix. Looking into the saves itself it seems that there is a “.state.auto”-File created BUT only on graceful shutdown. Is there a way to force write .state-Files every X-Minutes, so i dont have to rely on everything shutting down gracefully?

Looking in Settings ->Saving, I do not see anything that directly pertains to auto saving a save-state, only a saveRAM autosave interval. Might be worth putting in a suggestion in the feature request thread if it is not already been requested. Core and Feature Requests

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Make sure you disable you write caching in Windows so this would be less likely to occur in the future and plug in your laptop or stop playing when you get the low battery warning.