Lost sound after changing Sound output settings, Emuelec

Hi, I have an Amlogic S905X3 Arm-8 Box running Emuelec and Retroarch ( aka Super X Pro ) . It has Retro Arch Oct 23 2020 Build (Git V ddef65f626)

I had overridden the sound output setting ( accidentally ) , I just opened the setting, by doing so the old setting got overwritten . Since, there is no sound within games launched with Retroarch. As per the image, I just input ‘??’ to illustrate where the original value should be

I typed in ‘sysdefault:CA’ , this is what my other device uses , I also tried ‘sysdefault:PA’ as a guess since this is shown in ‘system information’

Anyone else know what should be here?


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Find the line in your config file and delete it. It should use the default the next time you run it.

Or press Start to reset it :wink:

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