Lost Vikings and Lost Vikings 2 randomly freezes with BSNES


I’m using Windows 10 with the latest BSNES Balanced core. I didn’t see any topics about this, so I thought I’d mention it.

Basically what happens is, when the game cuts to a black screen, the game freezes. I was able to use ‘rewind’ and it played normally after that. In Lost Vikings, it happened after the intro story (after starting a new game) cut to black. In Lost Vikings 2, it happened during the game intro. It doesn’t happen every single time.

I’m not sure if this problem exists on real hardware or not. I can make use bandicam to make a video of it if anyone is interested in seeing it, but I suspect the problem is reproduced easily enough.


try the nSide balanced core.


unless this game would only run with BSNES, i think Snes9x is a better way to play snes since its in sync(or very close to it) with upstream and is actively developed


Yeah, the upstream support is why I switched from Balanced to SNES9x. 9x has gotten lots of accuracy fixes lately from their great team. It’d also be great if someone ported the latest BSNES over someday, but I think Mesen-S might have a better chance at becoming the de-facto speed+accuracy+upstream friendly SNES core once it’s developed enough for Sour to add Libretro support.


it was done… and was done again… i would probably expect Mesen-S to be my next snes emu since the dev also directly working on the libretro port (but not for now at least since the emu is still quite new)


Cool, I’ll give SNES9x a try. But, I’m a bit confused… I always thought BSNES was like, the 100% compatible ‘cycle accurate’ emulator, and the best there is. Is that not the case anymore?


All the BSNES cores are based on 094, which is around 5 years old. It’s still very solid, it’s just kind of a dead end if you find issues since those cores aren’t being updated. The Higan and Nside Balanced cores are newer, but are already getting close to 2 years out of date now.

Looking through your opening post again, have you tried turning off rewind? I’ve heard BSNES can be weird about features that use savestates (rewind, runahead). That might be enough to fix the freezes.


I see. Gotta have rewind. :slight_smile: Looks like Higan and Nside don’t have Retro Achievements hooked up… I might have to go with SNES9x.

It’s actually pretty cool that that emulator is still alive and kicking after all these years - I seem to recall using it back in the 90s.


As old as v094 is at this point, very little development has happened since then that affects actual games. I’m seconding suspecting rewind/runahead as the issue, as bsnes’ savestates are not perfect.