M3U playlist problem

When you have Vice Commodore 64 core and the Beetle PSX core, when you launch a M3U playlist it starts always with the Beetle PSX core. I’m unable to set core association. I have the latest nightly build.

that’s probably because m3u isn’t listed as a valid file extension in the core’s info file. You could try adding it and see if that fixes you up. If so, let me know and I’ll add it to the official info files.

How can I add the extension to the core?

Find the info file, open it in a text editor and one of the lines will have a long list of compatible file extensions separated by “pipe” characters: |

Just add ‘m3u’ to the end of the list, save and then try to load one in RetroArch.

Works. Thank you. Now asks me what core to use.

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Ah, perfect. Thanks for testing. I’ll get it added to the official info.