Mac emulation

I recently installed a mac os 9.2 system using Qemu and it reminded me of when I installed windows 98 in retroarch. Can retroarch install mac os systems like it can windows systems? I hear there is a basilisk core out there but I was wondering if retroarch can mimic a whole macintosh and not just an emulator. Otherwise if sounds like an emulator in an emulator and that makes me doubt it’s effectiveness, especially since I use basilisk on it’s own.

I read in the forum that basilisk was withdrawn.

minivMac (actually vMac), emulates several Macintosh operating systems but is not very practical. You also have several Apple systems emulated with MAME.

I don’t understand.

I forgot that retroarch was not in fact an emulator but a host for emulators. At the time of writing that I thought of retroarch as an emulator since I use it as one. The idea of Basilisk in retroarch seemed to me like using FCEUX in SNES9x. I was hoping I could just install the actual computer in retroarch like I did with windows 98 but to be fair that is using the emulator dosbox pure.

RetroArch is something similar to an api that integrates and synchronizes various technologies.

The emulation is of the hardware and the system software, to run software dedicated to that hardware.
A nintendo emulator, simulates the real console to run Mario which is a program, the same happens with PURE.

In minivMac or MAME, you can’t install Mac OS, you can only load preinstalled OS images and game images.

Correction » minivMac does do full OS installation. The standalone loads the files by dragging them to the window, the core does not support this, you have to make .cmd files.