Making specific games visible

I have RetroArch on PSVita, and I’ve been wondering about how to make specific games visible in the separate console categories in the top menu, without having to go to “Load Content”, “ux0:/”, “RetroArch_Roms”, and then the specific console folder from there.

I did find a way that garners that result for cartridge-based games, but I feel that my method’s illegitimate. I can tell since like, for example, it doesn’t work for CD-based games.

Said method (for cartridge-based games) involved copying an identified game onto Desktop, renaming it to not clash with the original file, temporarily moving the unidentified games over to desktop, renaming each identified copy with the same names as the unidentified files, scanning the directory, renaming each copied entry respectively, deleting the copies, and reinstating the then-unidentified files, so that they can be accessed from the top menu proper.

Is there a proper method for what I was trying to achieve, or no?