Mame 2003 Plus or FB Neo?

My understanding was the main purpose of Mame 2003 Plus in Retroarch was its ability to use Run Ahead feature as the standard versions of Mame can not use Run Ahead?. Seeing as FB Neo also supports Run Ahead and uses newer builds of Mame is it regarded that FB Neo is more accurate than 2003 Plus?

Also what games does FB Neo not support are there any major omissions that are not support by FB Neo?

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Lot of Arcade Game.

For Example NBA JAM

So they dont have the midway drivers implemented yet?, i thought Mortal Kombat was added not so long ago

mame2003 existed long before runahead. You should use FBNeo if possible (i.e., if it will run the games you want), up-to-date MAME if not (assuming your system/platform/feature-needs can handle it), and mame2003 if neither of those work for whatever reason.

I thought it was there for those whose systems IE phones, that don’t have the grunt to run the more modern cores

@DaveTheMan1985 nbajam is supported, don’t spread misinformation, i really hate that.

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FBNeo supports run ahead fine (with 2nd instance mode enabled) while no version of MAME supports it.
2003+ will have hiccups when you hit a button.

Yeah, that’s what I meant by ^^

I did not know that @BarbuDreadMon as when I try it it does not load.

What do I need to do to get NBA JAM to work on FBNEO?

My bad, apparently the game is only available in debug builds, it seems to have major graphical glitches.


FBNeo has state save/load available for all titles and can use Run Ahead and Second Instance. That’s alone is enough reason for me to choose FBNeo. Only some titles that do not work in FBNeo use MAME.
BTW, I’m using standalone for MAME because RetroArch’s MAME is suspected of having an 1 additional frame of input lag compared to standalone, and functions such as command.dat are not available for RA.

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Actually there is at least 1 driver missing the savestate support : killer instinct.