Mame core 0.231


I see the mame core is still version 0.230 while 0.231 is released. Do we just have to wait or is there somebody we can ask to release the update of the mame core?


Yes, just have to wait. The guy who updates it usually gets it a week or two later.


Any news regarding this? 0.232 is out for a while now and RetroArch is still stuck with 0.230. Next two versions have some nice sound updates.

I don’t remember “current MAME” core ever being this late…

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Wow, those are great news! I thought maybe those changes they made to Mame 0.231 for Contra to run properly were to much to implement or something. And we won’t see another version of Mame!!! Great to hear the progress is moving. Eager to try the new one!

Definitely not, it took me 5 minutes to backport that fix to FBNeo 2 months ago. The only reason they made a big deal out of that fix is because some recentish konami anthology re-release had this bug too.

You make it look like it was really easy ) You developers are magicians for me. I’m so far away from all the coding stuff… Didn’t hear about anthology stuff. Will be interesting to read discussions. I love contra. What made me wonder like that was the long pause since 0.230 It was just the version I was waiting for as a point to update my Arcade games collection. And just after I finished sorting, I discovered that 0.230 introduced the bug with missing music in Jackal… One of my favorites ) And also this Contra thing got me wanting to finish arcade version finally. So I was waiting and waiting for new core… Didn’t use MAME because I’m lazy to read and figure out how to change shaders settings there. It’s so easy with them in Retroarch. FBNeo is great too, tried it recently and loved it. It’s especially super useful for playing Rotary Joystick games ) Still can’t understand if it’s still possible to sort those controls in MAME. If it is, I guess it’s not easy. The only problem for me is not all MAME romsets are compatible and I can’t figure how to build FBNeo sets… Tried following guides and it didn’t work. I’ll try again someday.

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Thanks! ) I know about that compilation and would like to read the conversation about contra stuff.

Oh, about building romsets. I think I did how I was told from there, but it didn’t work. Anyway, I’ll try again.

So can this be merged/compiled by any user or does it have to be a certain admin?

Has anyone a functional 0.232 core is what i’m asking. Downloader still has the 0.230 version.

You can build from open PRs, but I would hope it gets merged soon. I’ll see if I can hasten it along.

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