Mame cores android retroarch32

Please re-add the cores mame 2014 and 2015 from mame you do not appear in the list of update cores. Download the apk from the retroarch32 page itself and the cores do not appear, please, thank you.

Here’s ume2014 (0.155) and mame2015 (0.160):

Install them manually by:

  1. renaming each ‘exactly’ like an existing core name from official repsository that you DO NOT have installed in Retroarch, preffererably arcade cores.
  2. place them in Retroarch - Downloads folder
  3. install core(s)

Be aware that on most devices with Android 11, manual core installation is broken (cores apparently install but can not open games). Hopefuly it’ll work for you.

In my opinion, this ume2014 should have a permanent place in official repo. Like there are more than a few speciffic cores for certain drivers (cps1, 2, 3, midway, neogeo), this is the only core that properly plays the cv1000 driver games on android.

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Thanks a million for the help, only the one from mame 2015 worked for me. By any chance would you also have the one from mame 2014? and I’m also looking for one that is no longer this year (reicast) the old one that was removed and now there is another called flincast

Did you rename ume2014 core to a core from the repository prior to installation? You need the ‘exact’ name. If mame2015 worked, it should work as well.

hello in mame 2015 I did not change the name and it worked for me. ume2014 I installed it as it is like the mame and it was installed but when loading the roms look for the core to load it with ume2014 and it does not appear.also rename the file and do the same

Here is mame2014: (ignore the name, it is indeed mame2014 version 0.159)

You NEED to rename the core as i said earlier. The repository is on this exact site. Look here for an (prefferably) arcade core name, and change ume2014 and mame2014 with those exact names (pick two of course):

edit: rename ume2014 to:

and mame2014 to:

(holefuly you don’t have these cores installed already)

After that, when Retroarch asks you to pick a core to run the content, they’ll of course appear as “fbalpha”, not “mame”.

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Incredible thank you very much friend now I only need 1 core, the one I told you before, they removed it in time (reicast), do you have it?

Unfortunately i don’t have it. But Flycast is really really good for me, try it and mess a bit with the core options, there are plenty.

(reicast) the core that avia in 2018 was better than the Flycast of aora loaded roms naomi that aora Flycast does not load them, what has been touched and many games do not load them apart also that before it loaded cheats from the database of cheats and aora Flycast does not load them, it has been spoiled.that’s why I was asking you if you find it please pass it to me thank you

Hello friend I wanted to get a question right. See I have a problem when I scan the roms of the mame when the scan of roms ends then in the list of cores no games appear? That can be I have used acer with mame 139.dat and mame 139u1.dat but I don’t know if I have the correct one, you know where I can find the correct one .dat please

I never used the scan method myself, i always start the games from “Load Recent”. So, sorry can’t help you, but someone here surely will.

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ok another thing that I just checked all the cores and I saw that yesterday I was wrong in asking you for the cores I wrote that I needed the core mame 2015 and that was not the one I wanted, it was the last mame 2016 which is the most up-to-date, you could pass me by please the core mame 2016 and thank you very much for your help

Hello friend, could you look at them?

Here’s mame2016

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it works thanks a lot. now I just need to be able to get (reicast) core of the year 2018 the one that abia before if you get it for there already tell me something friend thanks.