Mame cores other than 2003 and 2000

Mame cores newer than 2003/2003-plus and 2000 have disappeared since a long time on Android devices.

Is there a chance they will come back in the near(ish) future?

They’re still there for 32-bit installations. If they disappeared for you, it’s because you have the 64-bit version installed. You can sideload the 32-bit package, though, which you can download from

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

Are there plans to bring them back to 64-bit? I use a NVidia SHIELD as my primary device and it’s much easier to let the play store version update itself.

We’ve had trouble getting them to compile for 64-bit. Someone would have to spend some time with them and see if it’s feasible, and we don’t have any Android build experts on-hand, unfortunately.

Retroarch 32 and 64 can coexist, so there’s no issue to have both installed.

Hi sorry to insist but are you sure it create to different folder on shield tv? Could you please give me the name of the folder where retroarch32 is installed ? Thanks

Both use the same folder in the storage/emulated/0/Retroarch location… Now both will have different folders in the storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ location…one will be com.retroarch64 and the other will vary depending on what apk u using…one will be com.retroarch and the other can be com.retroarch32

Also u can use the resigned hyperspin apk where u can use both retroarch apks with no issues…u only will need to edit the hyperspin system ini for that particular system to reflect 32bit or 64bit

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thanks a lot for the confirmation, I ever use the resigned hyperspin but since retroarch update in 64 bits by default I only use the 64 bits version. so I will you the 32bit retroarch for specific system thanks again regards