Mame current core for linux (batocera)


I was asking on batocera forum, but they redirected me here:

  1. Can we have proper implementation for variable refresh rate (like gsync and freesync) for mame current core in linux (for batocera)? Currently proper variable refresh rate works smoothly only in windows version of mame current libretero core.
  2. Can we implement trackball support (like ultimarc Utrak via usb) in mame current core in linux (batocera)? Right now it is working only as a cursor in menu.
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  1. Turning on throttle results in fluid working gsync/vsync in batocera :slightly_smiling_face: thanks hunterk!
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Mouse/lightgun support has existed for a while in lr-mame (current). You just have to activate it in the core options. I recently added support for multimouse/lightgun (up to 8 of either).

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