MAME (Current) Wiimote lightgun issues

This might not be the best place for it(the whole forum, not simply this section), but this is where the issue is most prevalent for me, so I might as well start here.

So I’m using a Wiimote/Dolphinbar lightgun setup for my arcade cab, and its working OKAY, but there’s one really niggling problem I need to resolve before I work on mounting the sensor bar.

When the sensor bar is centered relative to the display, the targeting cursor is offset to the left - its about 1/3 of the way in from the left side of the display when pointing straight. I have to move the sensor bar to the side to get it centered, and this causes issues when I need to point near the right side of the screen(Wiimote loses line of sight with the sensor bar and goes crazy).

I’ve seen tips for fixing this in the Dolphin emulator, but the problem is I’m using this in MAME, don’t even have Dolphin installed, and while not quite AS far off, the cursor is still offset in Windows itself.

No idea where to begin about fixing this. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated, even if its just pointing me towards a better place to inquire about this.