[MAME] export full game list to excel

Hi there, need some help regarding database management. I’d need an excel table of Mame roms to showcase them in a proper way, else my frontend would just show a bunch of zipped codenames sorted alphabetically which is far from ideal.

I need to make my shortcut names as follow : [year of device] . [name of device] - [proper game name] ([rom code] [rom year]) [COMPATIBILITY STATUS].bat

Unnecessary info

Each bat file then contains the following : ECHO OFF SET ROM=%RomCode% SET ROM_RAW=K:_EMU\mame\roms_games%ROM%.zip SET CORE=mame_libretro RunDll32.exe user32.dll,SetCursorPos 100, 100 Call K:_EMU_Emulationstation.emulationstation\systems\retroarch\RetroArchNoConsole.exe -D -f -L K:_EMU_Emulationstation.emulationstation\systems\retroarch\cores%CORE%.dll -c K:_EMU_Emulationstation.emulationstation\systems\retroarch\cores%CORE%.cfg “%ROM_RAW%”

This helps me a lot with filtering / organizing.

I already have the excel scripts for exporting all this to single files.


When using the export xml feature of Mame, importing it in excel is quite a challenge. The 69Mb xml file, when trying to expand in excel, takes more then 350 million rows (sure more, I stopped it after an hour of loading and it was still counting)… Obviously something went wrong, as it should be 12758 rows long.

Is there an already existing up to date (0.217) excel file list of roms out there with the data I need ? If not, how can you import your Mame xml in excel properly ? Or is there a command line option to Mame that only exports the data I want ?

Using Mame64 0.217 + 0.217 full romset.

EDIT : For now, the only list I’m able to use is this one (options>export>csv) from arcadeitalia. But 2 things 1 : it lists 10038 out of 12758 games, leaving 2720 games without data. 2 : how am I sure the compatibility column is up to date (0.217) ?