MAME games to complement FBNeo

I’m using FBNeo as my go-to arcades core in retroarch and is been a while that I do not keep a full mame romset at ready.

So I opened this thread to ask game titles (2D, “8/16bit” style) that are missing from fbneo (up to early 2000’s) that are worth having.

My first suggestios are:

Bosconian : great Namco classic from 1984, somehow strange to be missing in FBneo, if you know and like the game I also suggest to try the x68K version that is more then a “simple” port and is probably the defitive version.

Sexy Parodius : 1996 konami folow up to Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodiusu, there is a good ps1 port but the arcade is missing from FBneo.

Salamander 2 : another STG from 1996 konami, not the best iteration but well worth a try!

Please share your suggestions!

Updated List of Findings:

Sega STV


quite many. Eg the ZN1-ZN2, Namco 11 arcade games and others emulated years ago by Zinc but now playable in MAME.

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At the moment I have no specific game in mind, but there are many MAME games not found in FB Neo. I wrote a small script to find those. The script is imperfect and does not take case into account (Vs is treated differently to VS, and thus marked as missing). It only takes a trimmed version of the game titles (labels) from a RetroArch playlist file. This works good enough to have a starting point, as the games are added with DAT files, but the sets are a year old by now.

Nonetheless I want to share the missing.txt files (and the script):

Direct link to MAME games to complement FB Neo: FB Neo - Arcade Games Missing List

Edit: Simplefied the reply by removing some automatically generated links.

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Yes, that is true, those 3D ps1/saturn era games are missing but what I was looking for is more “8/16bit era” kinda game “lost in traslation”: bosconian is a good example, sorry I had to specify that in the first post!

Another that comes to mind is Wizard of Wor, a legit classic from 1981!

That is a very interesting approach! but something is wrong I think, just checked the very first few lines of the missing files and I noticed:

1941: Counter Attack 
1944: The Loop Master 
1991 Spikes 
19XX: The War Against Destiny 

those are 100% in fbneo!

My goal is to have a small selection of (good and historically important) games that somehow slipped away in fbneo!

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The list is very imperfect. And the listed ones are examples of this, because they are listed as “19XX - The War Against Destiny” in fbneo but as “19XX: The War Against Destiny”. And some other oddities. The idea was just to have another tool in the hand in searching for some titles, but need a manual confirmation off course. Hopefully this does not do more damage then help.

I’m 100% on the side of manual selection! That’s what I do a lot too. I will suggest some titles too, when I find/remember them. Especially those historical important ones.

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The list is surely helpful! tomorrow I will try to “scan” through it to see what I can find!

So here are some findings

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Pole position! forgot about that! probably not included in fbneo due to the controls (like marble madness) but surely 2 very important titles!

Doki Doki Penguin Land I didn’t even know it was an arcade, I thought it was developed for sg-1000 , good finding! :+1:

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For the second time in 2 days (was it you on our discord yesterday ?), i don’t understand why controls would be a blocking factor to support a game, especially standard racing controls like dozens of other games we already support.

Aside from the 3D stuff which is not of much interest to us, the only reason there are 2D games we don’t support yet is a lack of time to write their driver. Unlike MAME, we don’t have dozens of contributors.

No, I do not use discord much!

regarding pole position, I thought about the controls because I think it does not play like, let’s say out-run, and without a proper wheel set-up is almost unplayable and knowing fbneo is focused on playability I thought that could be a reason to spend dev time in other ways. in few words: pole position missing in fbneo is not a big deal :nerd_face:

I understand that, and this thread is not a complain in any way, on the contrary I clearly wrote that Fbneo is my arcade core of choice and because of that I do not keep a full mame romset since a long while!

I don’t think that would be a problem, we usually tune controls so that games are playable with your average controller, unlike MAME which leaves things exactly as they were due to their strict preservation policy.

Funnily, a discord user asked me exactly the same thing yesterday about polepos and offroad.

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That would be great! I think few month ago I tried the ps1 version, from namco museum vol.1, and it does not support dual shock so is not really playable, and in mame playing with analog stick is very twitchy. Having a playable version of pole position would be nice!

Edited the first post with the updated list with links to mame database for required files.

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At least in mainline MAME Pole Position is not entirely unplayable. I do not remember setting up something specific for this game. At least game can be played with my Xbox One controller. It’s just a little bit too sensitive and twitchy on the stick. The MAME 2003-Plus setup did not work out of the box for me and probably requires something to setup (some buttons). Very odd, because Plus should be the one that is working out of the box. :smiley: I would love this game being added to FB Neo with predefined and fine tuned controls for mainstream controllers, to make it a good experience out of the box.

BTW FB Neo is my first choice for Arcade nowadays too and the only one installed on my Steam Deck. Only my main PC has everything setup.

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Yes, in mame it is “playable” in the sense that analog controls are working, but if you try to play it you will notice that it controls very different to other similar games (outrun, hang-on…), out-run with analog stick is a very good experience and you can play almost like the “real” thing but pole position is very different.

have a look here:

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Updated the first post, also added another Konami Gx game:

Twinbee Yahoo!

also added a bunch of 2D sega STV games, from a quick check they all seems to run fine, only Guardian force and Cotton 2 (magical night dream) have abysmal input delay 6+ frames :sweat_smile:

Astra Superstar
Guardian force
Groove on Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3
Golden Axe The Duel
Magical Night Dreams: Cotton 2
Puyo Puyo SUN

also, Soukyugurentai is kinda cheating because it has 3d element in the background…but is such a good game that I had to include it. :nerd_face:

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I love the Cotton series. Here are a few games mentioned I was not aware off. Looks like time to create a new playlist. :slight_smile: Never played Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver before, looks interesting.

BTW Shienryu hyperlink (in first post) is a https link, thus my Firefox won’t open it. For consistency sake I recommend editing it away, like all other links in the list.

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Edited the first post and corrected the link!

Also added 2 more Atari System’s games

APB - All Points Bulletin
Super Sprint

Yeah Soukyugurentai is a very nice stg by raizing if you like the genre give it a go! there is also a ps1 (plays well with swanstation) and a saturn port but is nice to play the arcade original!

Also Shienryu is not bad! It has a ps1 port but with many problems (interlacing and what not…) , in mame plays very well with minimal input delay!

While i’m not entirely sure about the current compatibility/accuracy (it has been a long time since i contributed to that project), iirc Kronos is a good alternative for ST-V emulation as far as input lag is concerned.

I tried to load both in Kronos, Cotton 2 and Guardian Force, they load fine, insert coins works but the start button does not work at all, am I missing something? :thinking:

Those 2 are the ones with very high input lag.

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