MAME .ini Analog Adjustment Settings?

Hey guys… I’m trying to find out where the MAME (current) analog adjustment settings (if you go to the “tab” menu in mame this is the menu where you set trackball/dial sensitivity, etc) are stored. Most of the settings from these menus are in the .ini files, so I loaded up a game, made sure the settings stuck, then checked another and it looks like they are saved per game. However, if I check the .ini file for that game (ccastles.ini in this case) I don’t see anything that looks like the trackball sensitivity that I changed.

I’m trying to locate these settings so I can easily copy them to other .ini files (or whatever files they are supposed to save to). It doesn’t appear that there is any way to do this via in game menus, so I’m going to do it manually.

I really just need to know where to find these specific settings, and if there is an easier way to do all this, please let me know. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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It may be in the nvram files.

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That’s a good thought, but I’m not seeing any nvram files that have been modified in the last few days.

They should be in .cfg files.

Have you checked the behavior with standalone?

Yeah they are *.cfg in the /saves/mame/cfg/ folder.