Mame - Saved ROMs booting up w/corrupted graphics/no sound

I’m running RA with a Mame 2003+ core. I have made the selections to save the rom on exit, and also selected to load the save file on rom startup. I also selected that the same file is resaved and not incremented.

This works fine, except in some games the graphics are corrupted and the sound has dropped out upon reboot/launch of the rom. It’s like since it didn’t go through the “ram check” process some games have, the game won’t run right. The only way to get the game to come up is to select “undo loading”, or whatever, and the rom will boot, but of course nothing is saved (no high scores, and the rom goes through it’s bootup process again).

This happens on several games, but if you wanted a selection: TMNT comes up without sound, Dig Dug has corrupted graphics, and any game of the “Deco cassette” series shows a black screen. The last one is annoying since the “Deco” games have a counter upon startup and it takes several minutes (3 to 4 minutes each) for the game to finally come up.

Is there a fix/workaround to getting these saved ROMs to come up properly?