Mame UI menu appearing when moving right

Hi all. I’m having a problem. I am on batocera using retroarch with a controller. The problem I have is any game I play on Mame whenever I push the left analogue stick right in order to move the character to the right the mame ui menu comes up (dip switch menu) and obviously it’s making the games unplayable. Does anyone know how I can stop it bringing up this menu everytime I try to move right? Any help would be really appreciated as Iv been trying to sort this out for 4 days now. Thank you.

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Have you tried using the dpad to move instead of the left analog? I think that’s the default mapping.

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Hi, yes the d pad works fine but I do prefer using the stick especially for certain games. I just can’t figure out how to stop the menu popping up.

The right direction seems to have been allocated to the mame ui menu but I don’t know how to change it :thinking:


Batocera uses a lot of background magic, it may not be straight forward to change the controls. (i.e. simply defining them in RA.)

I suggest you ask about it on their Discord.


Thank you, I’ll do that :grinning:


After 4 days of trying to fix the issue I have finally fixed it :smiley: thank you guys very much for at least trying to help it’s really appreciated :grin:

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I saw your post on Discord.

You may not be technically minded but, you will get the best experience on both Retroarch and Batocera if you learn a bit about setting it up from scratch.

You can always use a new HDD and save the original just in case.

I’m glad you got it sorted.

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