Mame2003Plus - SSF2T CPS2 with alternative 3DO OST audio [$40]


Make Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for CPS2 be able to be played with the 3DO’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo OST version of audio. I am putting a bounty of $40 if someone can create this.

Imho you are asking the wrong people, what you need is a romhack. Maybe you can try asking on hbmame’s github, the author probably knows some rom hackers. Once the romhack exists, adding it to either emulator should be easy.

You failed your request on their forum epically though : as i said the emulator is irrelevant, what you need is a romhack (if this kind of hack is even possible), and you’ll need someone well-versed in romhacking for that.

Thanks for the suggestion. Anyways I’ll just keep the bounty here.

If anyone else would like to add to the bounty that would be awesome.

KMFDManic has already done a few of these alternative CD soundtrack mod’s to a few arcade games such as:

Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, NBA JAM…

See these links:

I’m just warning you : i won’t accept such a hacky code in fbalpha, if you don’t intend to deal with this request the right way (i.e. through a romhack), you can remove fba from the title of your bounty.

Also, it might be worth mentioning, i hope you don’t care about read ahead, rewind, netplay, and any feature involving savestates : it is extremely unlikely that this stuff will work properly if you don’t go the “romhack” way.