Map multiple buttons to same action


Eg mirror L and R buttons to start and select buttons, while allowing start and select buttons to still be used for same purpose.


That is supported already


To elaborate on what radius said, you can go to the ‘controls’ remapping menu and then cycle through the core functions to make as many buttons do the same core action as you want.


Hi hunterk,

I greatly appreciate your reply.

I presume you are referencing Quick Menu > Controls?

If so, it seems remapping is limited to the number of buttons that core supports? e.g. GB / GBC supports 4 buttons, and so I can’t multi-assign start to L or R?

Are there any links you could point me to?


If you’re getting that, then you have an ancient RA version In current day versions you can map every button in your gamepad under quick menu / controls


Thank you, radius. I was indeed. Thank you for your time!