Mapping a button to a combo

Apparently I am unable to hit A and B simultaneously enough for a certain move to happen in double dragon.

If it were possible to map “D” to the simultaneous press of A+B that would be just perfect.

I am aware that’d be cheating but :man_shrugging:

Any way to achieve this? Could be this one a decent feature request otherwise?

RetroArch doesn’t support any macros, either 1-to-many or many-to-one outside of the hardcoded menu toggle gamepad combos, unfortunately. It’s a long-time request.


Are there any plans to develop that at any point in the future?

well, it’s been a request for like 12 yrs, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Lol ok. May then please ask why such a requested feature delayed so much? Is it difficult to implement? Or just there’s no interest from the development team?

Just curious.

Yes, difficult to implement in our input system.

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When I play The Ninja on the Master System and a few others which has double button functions I miss this feature too, but maybe using an alternative which provides this for now may be a good idea.

FBA does a good job with that, it was implemented for some time, years ago, then it was removed at some point, then it was re-added by user request, like yours. The way I see it, it’s up to the core maintainer to add such macros, you can see them under Controls (Quick Menu) in the FBA core, which is different from Input in the Settings menu. So I think it works this way, Input is the core functionality and Controls works on top of that, this is why it’s better for the core itself to make such macros available.

Mesen, for instance, provides a few options under Quick Menu>Core Options to rotate the face buttons clock-wise, so that the games will play better in modern gamepads which uses the SNES diamond face buttons layout. This is a bit different from macros, but still, a control option from the Core, while the frontend (Retroarch) remains unchanged.

Yes, it requires extra human skill to press the two buttons together. LOL
I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold it in… :pensive:

I know Double Dragon, what move do you want to perform?
Will it be Arcade? I read in another post that you are only using FBNeo.

This can be done with any core by remapping the buttons from the quick menu.

Yes, it can, and the Core Options also provides this for an even easier way to solve a minor layout issue. Mentioning that, though, was to make it a bit clearer that it’s easier for the core itself to have such button changes instead of asking Retroarch devs to add this to the frontend itself.

Yes, specially with the NES/SMS controllers where both buttons are horizontally placed, you don’t just have to change your hand position and hold the controller in a more favorable way to press both buttons, mostly with the index and middle fingers, but also, depending on the game, sometimes one button will be slightly pressed a bit earlier than the other, so it’s not always 100% sure you’ll always activate it, in The Ninja for Master System, the character disappears for a few seconds and you are invulnerable during this movement, being a one-hit “I’m dead” game, even with the modern diamond face buttons layout, the thumb won’t always activate this, say with A+X (Xbox) or X+Square (PS). These simple macros would solve that, R1 for A+B, 1+2 or whatever extra button modern controllers have should be good enough.

That’s exactly what it’s all about, developing skills and mastering a technique is part of the gaming experience.
Although, I would have loved to have that in Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. :rofl:

By the way, the Nes controller is more anatomical than people imagine just by looking at it. Because the d-pad is not taken completely horizontal, it tilts to the right and the buttons, which are quite close together are perfectly arranged with the thumb.

Not exactly, The Ninja is a version of Ninja Princess from the arcade, which features 3 buttons, the ninja skill move is available via 1+2 buttons together on the Master System, the same applies to many games of the era, there were not enough buttons, so they had to resort to this. GTA LCS and VCS on the PSP maps the camera/drive-by functions with the L+Analog to mimic a proper right analog in the console releases.

As for developing skills by pressing multi buttons simultaneously, that’s debatable, Street Fighter Alpha 3 finally added per-button tier specials, so if strong punch is used, the strongest special move will be used, without the need to press all three punches at once, this is not a skill, it’s just good design, or circumventing limitations in controllers with few buttons.

Beyond that, Samurai Shodown games are limited to the NEO GEO 4 buttons layout, many console ports to the Mega Drive, Saturn, Playstation and so on make use of the extra buttons for proper strong attacks.

Many, many Amiga games were developed with either mouse, keyboard or a gamepad with a directional and ONE button, so jumping is achieved by pressing up, and again, circumventing limitations there.

Yes, totally agree!!! I’m still waiting for Killer Instinct with the one button combos.
While that’s happening, if you see something called “Koname Code”, stay away like hell. :sweat_smile:

What I’m really interested in knowing is which version of Double Dragon it is.

Maybe my last message was just a bit too elaborated for simple minded people to actually grasp what was written, I wonder? No offense at all, but I’m actually wondering if your in-jokes are a sign you’re not making that little extra effort to read and comprehend what’s been talked about above?

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Man, retroarch supports cheats. So I don’t think why this request, which as hunterk said is incoming since 12 years, does bother you so much. If you don’t like it just move over. Apparently you feel the need to pollute every post here, mostly with wrong information.

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@febs Fabio…

What I want to know is, Double Dragon is from Nes or arcade?

You know what happens Fabio? if you like to demand a response, you have to reciprocate.

You’re talking about Double Dragon and a combo by pressing A+B, the only combo that is pulled off that way is the Hurricane/Cyclone Kick. This is a Double mistake, and I will explain why.

1st error. Double Dragon does NOT have Cyclone Kick. The ones with Cyclone Kick are Double Dragon 2 and 3.
God knows how much time you spent trying to get it out. :joy:

2nd error. The combo is not removed by pressing A+B. This is a false belief that has been spread on the internet.
The Cyclone Kick is obtained by jumping and pressing any button at the top of the jump. Any, but it has to be runo alone.

  • Arcade: jumps and presses a button at once.
  • Nintendo: jump with A+B and press only one button at a time, A or B.

3rd error (there were 3, but Double sounded more in agreement :sweat_smile:). The Cyclone Kick, it’s not a macro, it’s not a combo, it’s a move. And you can’t assign two separate moves to a macro, which is both at the same time.
Yes, you could assign a third button for Nes, to jump, but if you press A+B twice, (I repeat) the movement does not come out.

Now, I don’t care if you think what I say is wrong, be kind enough not to spam the messages and stop pedir things for the love of god, or the devil, whatever you want.

You see @aorin1 it is me who does not understand. I apologize, my simple mind cannot comprehend the rational existence of Foucault that you imprint in your words, nor the superhuman sensibility of Deleuze with which you capture each of your ideas, as deeply and densely as a text of Proust.
I appreciate very much to coincide with you in the same space and time, and that you dedicate me such a polite insult for no reason, in my time we did it in front, but everything has changed, we did not play princess games either.

PS. I am sorry for the authors’ spam, this is what my simple mind reads right now. But… I can push two buttons. :rofl:

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It’s fine, we all have our preferences and it’s not like one is right and the other is wrong. I still think some smart extra button customizations are a good idea, though.

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Here’s the confusion, no one has said it’s a bad idea.
I specifically asked, what move I wanted to make.

I think it is excellent to have this additional option for those who want to use it, others prefer the original way, because it is different a joystic + 3 buttons, than a D-pad + 2 buttons.

I remember a pirate Nes’s Street Fighter that had four buttons, A and B were Punch and Strong Kick, and A and B turbo were Punch and weak Kick. Fantastic, very clever.