Mapping multiple controllers as User 1

So, I have 3 different controllers. One is a dinput snes clone, one is a xinput snes clone and the other is a xbox 360 joystick clone. I want to be able to plug and play with all of them individually but when I bind all to any of them, Retroarch doesn’t remember them individually and just applies the last bind all map set.

Is the a way to save different bind all maps for individual controllers that Retroarch remebers when I plug them in?

Im using Windows 8 on my PC and Android in my tablet.


Yes. That’s what the autoconfig profiles are for.

Go to settings > input > user 1 binds. Hit ‘default all’ then ‘bind all’. Map your inputs. Hit ‘save autoconfig profile’, then hit ‘default all’ again. Exit RetroArch and then reopen it. It should now recognize your controller and re-apply your binds.

If so, rinse and repeat for the other pads.

You can submit those autoconfig profiles to the autoconfig repo at and we’ll include them in future releases (and via the online updater’s ‘update autoconfigs’ option).

Thank you.

So, what I was doing was hitting Bind All, setting my primary controller, then hitting Default All then Save Autoconfig. It kinda worked with minor problems (Start and Select buttons were swapped and different on 2 controllers etc).

So, do I need to add the step of Default All at the start and the end of the process for each controller I’m adding? Or do I do it only for the main controller?