Mario Kart 64 Graphical Errors

I’m currently having an issue with MK64 where the background images for the title/main menu screens won’t load (images). Only the dynamic parts of the display (waving flag and character select frame) show up. The game runs fine once I get in to an actual race, but I’m at a loss for what options govern these two screens. I’ve tried changing the video driver and replacing the rom file, neither have worked.

What platform/OS? What video drivers have you tried? Can you post a log? Does ParaLLEl-N64 core act the same way?

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

My system is running Retroarch via Batocera Linux.

Here is the log for MK:

For reference, here’s the log for Bajo Kazooie game running normally:

I tried the Running through the ParaLLEl-N64 core yielding the same issue. Video drivers tested were gl, glcore, gl1, vulkan, sdl2, xvideo, and x11

Hmm, i don’t really see anything suspicious in those logs (thanks for posting those, btw) but FWIW I’m not able to reproduce it in Ubuntu 64-bit using GL.

Weird. I guess I’ll try and dig more into the config to see why mk is being treated differently. There has to be something…regardless, thanks for your help!

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issue solved, leaving this for anyone that may find it in the future: There was an overlay file in the same directory as my RA config. Deleting this file solved the problem.

waaaat? That’s really strange. I’m glad you got it going, regardless.