Mednafen/Beetle PSX how to improve visuals

Hi, I recently installed RA 1.6.7 and downloaded the latest mednafen/Beetle PSX core. In order to get a little better graphics than the original stuff I have tried doubling the resolution with the 2x option and all games seem to work ok, but in menus and some other screens there are weird black lines crossing the screen left to right.

Is there any other option to smoothen the visuals just a bit? any recommended shaders? I don’t want ultra crisp graphics or something, just a little bit smoother.

Try this one if you use gl video driver, use the original PS1 resolution: shaders\shaders_cg\crt\crt-super-xbr

Try this shader in the original resolution in case you use vulkan driver: shaders\shaders_slang\ntsc\ntsc-256px-svideo-gauss-scanline

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Finally I found some spare time to try these shaders. I first tried cg/crt/crt-super-xbr and it seems to slow the game down a little, and also it’s a bit too filtered for my tastes. I have tried a few other shaders, and for now anti-aliasing/advanced-aa is closest to what I was looking for: almost like the original image, just a little bit smoother.

Thanks again.

You can also try Xsoft shader, it would improve a little the picture, it would also work in 2x internal resolution.

I generally don’t like FXAA, but I think it works pretty well for PSX games aliasing.


I have been trying for weeks to fix the same problem you were having. My issue is cut scenes and most still images look terribly pixelated. Gameplay looks amazing though. In games like Tekken 3 The actual fighting looks great. The characters look smooth and all the background details look amazing. However, the opening cut scene looks like a pixelated mess and in the fighter selection screen all the fighter pictures look really pixelated also.

Games like Cyber Tiger are unplayable because of this issue because the game is a pixel mess. The ball is in the shape of a “t” rather than round for example.

I have tried so many different combinations of video and driver options and really the only visual effect I can change is the internal resolution. Most other changes don’t affect my problem.

I have also tried a lot of different shaders and those seem to compound the issue rather than fix it.

I have a windows 10 gaming PC with 16 GB of RAM and an Nvidia 970 OC. My PC should be able to run this stuff no problem.

ePSXe looks good but I don’t want to use it. I mention this just to state that my driver settings for the vid card should be ok but I’m open to anything at this point.

Anything anyone can recommend I will be willing to try it! This is a great community and I’m excited to be here! I appreciate everyone’s help and I hope you have a great day!