Mednafen/Beetle PSX - Upcoming Vulkan renderer! Sneak peek!

Here is some new information I can share -

  • First-ever Vulkan renderer available for a PSX emulator, exclusive to libretro Beetle PSX.
  • It will support PGXP just like the GL renderer
  • It will allow for internal resolution upscaling, just like the GL renderer
  • It will have a very novel and potentially game changing graphics enhancement feature which will only be revealed later. It might be the next big quantum leap for PSX graphics since PGXP.
  • It will have some very promising API features which will be revealed later.

See some sneak peek videos here -

Really nice, can’t wait to try it.

Very cool. Can’t wait to switch from ePSXe to Beetle and use my favorite shader filter with it.

I use this core only for FF4, FF5, and FF6 because Epsxe Petes Opengl 2.9 has bugs with those games regarding missing textures. I don’t mind using this for these games because disconnecting the controller does nothing on the real console for these games. And that’s how retroarch works. By making retroarch think the controllers are always connected.

But I would like to completely move to retroarch for ps1 games, but some games actually do things when controllers are disconnected. Like pause or display some type of message. Can you add a flag to the core so that when controllers are disconnected and retroarch is still showing them connected, that it would do like the real console and pause or display said messages? That’s literally the only thing that’s stopping me from fully coming completely over with ps1.