Mednafen PCE Accuracy core?


The Mednafen PCE Fast core is awesome! The compatibility is pretty high and most games have few hiccups. However, I’d like to see the Mednafen PCE Accuracy core implemented as it’s the best PC Engine/Turbografx emulator available. I saw a thread in around 2014 that said that this core would be implemented sometime soon, but no core yet. Do you guys plan on implementing this core anytime soon?


Yeah!!! I join the request!!! Mednafen PCE is the best PC Engine emulator and RetroArch deserve that core!!!


I didn’t know an accuracy core existed. I’d like to see it on RA as well.


It’s the default emulation core for PCE in stand alone Mednafen. It’d be nice to have, but it’s understandable that porting it is not a high priority.


I would love to see this as well. The PCE Fast core has problems with some of the games.


Yeah, I’d like to have it since Fast has cutscene crashes in Popful Mail. The PCE CD version of that game is quite different from the Sega CD release and I think worth checking out.


Why is PCE-Fast even used if PCE-Accurate is better? Is it like slower than bsnes or something?


I imagine it was originally chosen because it would run well on the most platforms possible. I don’t think accurate is too much slower, but I’m not sure if it would be full speed on a Pi or something. There probably just isn’t anyone interested ATM that could libretroize it. There’s a fair amount of core options to hook up and it would need CHD support implemented to have parity with the fast/sgx cores.


Having a fast option for lesser devices like the Pi is fine, as long as there is a more accurate option available IMO.

Otherwise it feels like slower/older devices dragging the whole Libretro/RetroArch platform back (because there is no other option so you have to go standalone).

Unless there is another more accurate option for this system that i’ not aware of.


I always assumed the SGX version was the superior core. I’ve not run into any issues on it, and in fact that core is the only way I’ve been able to get Arcade CD-ROM^2 games to play. Now I’m curious what this core is even doing differently compared to the PCE ones, particularly if there’s a PCE Accuracy variant in mednafen.