Mednafen PCE-fast with overscan visibility

I need help as I don’t understand how to send a value from libretro.cpp to mednafen settings.

My repository patch is here.

I added this new parameter in mednafen settings. Changing int setting_pce_hoverscan = 0; to 1 works. I can see the overscan being displayed in-game.

Then in libretro.cpp I have no idea, everything I try fail. It probably needs a line here and something else?

edit: that’s OK I omitted that settings.h file declaration.

PAR is working for PCE_Fast now as well as the overscan core option (341 pixels wide games displayed in 352, see list on 1st page).

Many games are aligned better than before too. Super Darius isn’t cut-off anymore. (couldn’t see the “E” of “ZONE” on the upper-right corner before)

There’s just that “set_geometry” command that gets spammed if you look at the cmd window behind. Hope Westonlast will figure this one.

I looked into the SuperGrafx code and it’s quite different, that’s above my head. Lost several hours trying to figure out how those different video methods work…

So that’s just PCE_Fast for now:

edit: see 1st post for download

Megaman II in PAR (x5): title - game.

Yes that’s an unofficial NES port sorry, was testing hacks. :slight_smile:

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If you’re going to automatically check for resolution changes each frame, I don’t think there’s any way to avoid spamming “set_geometry” each frame, as well.

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I thought perhaps checking for a video change before applying it (or not) would be wiser / keep the logging clean / softer on processing cost?

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Yeah, could be. It’s worth trying, for sure.

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I took it by the other end, starting from mednafen and messing in libretro files after that. It’s working now for SuperGrafx, with less modifications than PCE_Fast strangely (no need to align the 512 pixels width mode).

You can now enjoy the best Supergrafx Game ever in glorious 512 pixels width: Flappy Bird!

…or DaiMakai Mura in PAR.

edit: see 1st post for download

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Just updated both version to centre the cropping when overscan is OFF.

See 1st page for download.

edit: and 1 more fix for the 512 mode, both core display it the same after all. It was just TV Sport Basketball that needed a hack… The only official game that uses this mode does some crazy stuff with it.

There are some PRs but I haven’t merged anything because I wanted to wait for it all to die down. Tatsuya79 and another guy were hammering out some details back and forth and I didn’t want to merge a bunch of stuff just to revert it again later

I send my commits to Westonlast who made the PAR work at first. I’m fixing all those non-PAR issues on top of his code.

So I’m waiting for him to review it and put his addition but he’s quite busy it seems.

If anyone wants to review it the pull request is ready here:

Updated the 1st page.

Supergrafx core with some improvements Radius did to the code (Horizontal Overscan can be changed without core restart, Set Geometry isn’t spammed anymore).

Great work, will this be added to the nightlies in the coming days?

If all goes well yes…

But I said the same to you 6 months ago lol. Hope this won’t get left out this time.

Haha well here’s hoping. Great to see work on these cores, PC Engine and Supergrafx need some love.

With all this overscan work you’ve been doing on this core, maybe you could also figure out what’s wrong with the initial scanline option in the mednafen-saturn core? For some reason it just does the same thing as last scanline right now; cropping lines from the bottom instead of the top. I’ve asked a few devs about it already, but no one’s figured it out yet. I would think it would function just like the other mednafen cores and be easy to see what’s wrong with it, but it must not be that simple.

I compared the code about the scanlines with mednafen sources and I found no obvious mistake or typo in the libretro port. That’s something to change in libretro.cpp probably but what I tried didn’t help.

[QUOTE=Tatsuya79;49732]I compared the code about the scanlines with mednafen sources and I found no obvious mistake or typo in the libretro port. That’s something to change in libretro.cpp probably but what I tried didn’t help.[/QUOTE] That’s too bad. hunterk had looked at it too and didn’t notice anything obvious.

It has been merged for PCE_Fast.

I’ve been testing it on my old Android phone, works as intended. Love Retroarch.

Awesome, I’ll be updating this core to the latest version for sure, thanks for your work!

Added a CPU Overclock Parameter in the version on 1st page. Also pushed to both cores on Git.

This option is working so well, wish we had that for Snes.