Mednafen Saturn now available as a libretro core!

Mednafen Saturn core should be appearing now for Windows/Linux/OSX on the buildbot! Not finished but already working

Thanks for the release! It’s great to have this libretroized already; Ryphecha’s done some amazing work with this.

Can RetroArch pass the current system time to the emulator like Mednafen stand alone can? It’s pretty cool how Christmas Nights automatically had the right time the first time I booted it up in stand alone. I forget if any other cores already do that.

I can get full speed with hard sync frames 1, but 0 is inconsistent and will crackle sometimes. Performance will hopefully improve over time so 0 can get full speed. There’s not much of a noticeable lag difference between 1 and 0 anyways, so it doesn’t bother me much.

And here’s a “Christmas NiGHTS in August?” shot with CRT-Easymode-Halation:

Thanks that’s great!

Hard sync on 1 here too, not really a surprise considering this is not a light core. I had a hang caused by the music in Astal, but things like that happen in stand-alone too, have to test further.

Is the 3d analog controller working ? I tried setting mine up and had troubles. In the options > controls I set it to 3D Pad but no luck on my analog stick actually working.

Edit: Looks like 3D pad analog controller support is coming.

Thank you! Ryphecha libretroized was glad to be done some excellent work with this. RetroArch can overcome the current system time to simulate as Mednafen?

Great work! Hopefully we see a beetle version with higher resolution support and texture filtering. :smiley: