Melty blood

Can you play any of the melty blood titles on retroarch Android? Have never had any luck getting anything to load. Any help/directions is appreciated. Using a rog ii phone. Thanks.

They all load on PC with flycast (some of them might have graphical glitches though), i don’t see any reason they wouldn’t at least load on android, make sure you have proper romsets + chd + bios (from recent mame).

Got meltybld set to work. Thanks. I was trying to launch with mame arcade instead of flycast. I’m still very new to the emulation scene.

You can find some info here on which emulators to try:

(Flycast is based on Reicast, which is not obvious and not mentioned on that page.)

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Naomi/Atomiswave emulation in MAME is still preliminary (actually it emulates very few 3D arcade systems).

Thanks RealNC. That Wiki was very informative. There’s such a thing as DosBox? WHAT?! Can’t wait to try to get Syndicate, Spacequest, Master of Orion on my phone.

Not sure how well it runs on phones, but there’s a dosbox-svn core in RetroArch (which I use all the time):