Memory Card files

I updated my cores a while ago and now my playstation game won’t remember my save files. I changed the memory card settings back to the settings they were before my update and my save files returned but now I want to know which file I should delete as unnecessary.

  1. I have a and a file and I know those are the memory card files for the game I have so I definitely will keep those.

  2. I have a .ldci file, do I need that?

  3. I have a .srm file, do I need that?


I looked it up and .ldci files are for remembering the last disc used when using .m3u files (Reference).

The .srm files are memory cards in libretro format, basically the same as .mcd except for the fact that they will be compressed if save file compression is enabled in libretro. If you set the core (SwanStation, I suppose) to not use libretro saves, then you don’t need them.

OK, thank you for your help.