Menu music

How do you change the music in the menu? Also, how do you play music? There is no ffmpeg core available in the online core updater…I’ve scanned multiple music file formats, but no dice. Using latest android nightly as of Jun. 26, 2019.

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settings > audio > menu sounds > enable bgm sound is where you can enable it. If you want to put a different BGM song in, you can go to your assets dir and replace the bgm.ogg in assets/sounds

I was messing with customizing menu sounds earlier and I have a question to piggyback off of the previous one lol. I may have missed it in the release notes, but why aren’t the up/down/launch sounds not enabled in the menu like ok/cancel are? The assets are available in the folders.

If it’s just not implemented yet, cool lol. If I’m missing something though, help :slight_smile:

Yeah, they’re not implemented yet. The guy who made the sounds went ahead and made a full set, though we aren’t ready for them not.

So, we haven’t gotten to test the menu sounds extensively, which is why they’re not on by default. When we used them in the past, there were lots of little crackles. Are you guys getting those, too?

Nah, I wasn’t getting any crackles, but at the same time I replaced all the sounds almost immediately and didn’t have time to really test it on default. Still, I would’ve noticed something like that. No problems here!

I love this feature though. Since I’m putting games on disc, having dynamic backgrounds, icons, and now game-specific tunes in the menu is a game changer in terms of user experience. Booting up Street Fighter II in the XMB to Ken’s theme and menu sounds from the arcade game is sweet. I always liked the PS3 for that little touch of menu music per game, and now I have it in my retro game collections.

I appreciate the work and look forward to the rest of the sounds working! Any timeline on that, if you don’t mind me asking?

No timeline, no, but the main reason we were holding off is because of the crackling, so if that’s magically resolved itself, we’ll probably work on it sooner than later.

Yeah, I’m getting crackles too. I thought it was refresh rate which I set to my phones native Hz which seemed to reduce it somewhat. Thanks for the replies.

Hi How do you active the music background in the menu RetroArch_PS4_r4 ? In the sound settings we have: -Output -Resampler -Synchronization -Mute When Factforwarding -Volume Gain(db) -DSP Plugin

bgm sound is not?

Thanks for the replies.