Menu slowed down by shaders - games full speed

Getting back to my phone after looking at the portable Tvs, however it’s it’s difficult to fiddle with shader parameters. Some shaders (e.g. Hyllian, Megatron) slow down to a crawl in the gui (less than 20 FPS), but are full speed in-game. Tested with glui and ozone. Known problem with a known fix…or :worried:

Seems like games in certain resolutions cause it to lag. I have a couple keyboard macros set up for when I’m working on shader presets and they will fail when certain games are open because of the timing being off. I notice it, for instance, mostly on Bally Midway games.

I did a bunch of things including setting the vsync swapchain to 1 (it was up before). Now the FPS-counter still goes down in the gui, but it feels much smoother regardless.