[meta-topic] RetroArch and RG350, RG280, RG351, etc

As i looked for such a post here and couldn’t find one, and as there is no sub-category for these strange and slightly obsolete devices, here we go.

The Ambernic RG350 (and RG280, RG350P, RG351, etc) are a series of cheap gaming devices, architectured around the antiquated processor jz4770 dual core. They are interesting because 1/ they are cheap 2/ they run OpenDingux (a version of linux frozen in time) and not Android, which matters for tinkerers and google-haters alike :wink:

Recently RetroArch got ported and optimized for the series of devices (yay!), and this thread aims at listing resources to help fellow RG-ists to find information about it.

Here is what i have found so far:

  • An “official” teaser and an “official” announcement:

https://www.libretro.com/index.php/coming-soon-retroarch-for-opendingux-release-gcw-zerorg-350etc/ and https://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-9-1-shines-brightly-on-opendingux/

  • A pretty exhaustive guide by RetroGameCorps:
  • Two videos (by the same) about the topic:


  • Another video by MashTec:

  • A complicated “installer” that compiles a .opk that is supposed to do all automatically (i personally preferred the manual approach, it’s simple enough):
  • a bunch of “unofficial” cores:
  • a nice “boot script” to boot the OpenDingux directly into retroarch, with automated save/load states that almost feel like a “deep sleep” and enable quick resume of last played game! <3

What is missing?

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Installing the “Opendingux Beta” tremendously helps with performance and has better graphic drivers for retroarch (some games that had “invalid video mode” now do launch!)

I followed instruction there,

But despite finding the folder http://od.abstraction.se/opendingux/latest/ being empty, i could find some working version from the parent directory…

It also work on some patched install, so no need to necessarily go back to a 100% fresh install before performing the upgrade… but it’s all very hackish so your mileage may vary.

In all cases: DO MAKE BACKUPS (esp. of your precious .retroarch ;)) )

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