Metal Slug 6 (reincast core, atomiswave to naomi conversion)


Hi everyone, i tried to play Metal Slug 6 on Retroarch using Reincast core after i saw this video:

but, although the game works, it still has (at least for me) graphical issues (black parts on levels).

Which config does the guy of the video using?

My pc:

  • -Core i3 4170
  • -geforce 750ti
  • -8gb ram
  • -windows 7 ultimate 64 bits


Run the Core Updater and update Reicast; the issue was fixed a week ago or so, and the lst needs to be the one listed here:


I update the core (Reincast and Reincast OIT) and used the “lst” you provided, but still has graphical errors, perhaps my bin is a “bad dump” or something like that?


Dont know what to tell you :S