mGBA upscale?

Last year, mGBA updated its standalone emulator and featured the new High-resolution OpenGL renderer that let you upscale your GBA games for an even better resolution, improving rotating and scaling effects. I searched but couldn’t find it anywhere in Retroarch’s mGBA core, is this feature unavailable for Retroarch? If available, how to enable it? Thanks.

It’s not available in the libretro core, no. It’s done with OpenGL, though, so adding it would make the core hardware-rendered, which brings a lot of headaches (video driver compatibility, crashing, etc.). Personally, I’m fine without it for the simplicity that software rendering provides, but if endrift decides to add it sometime (she manages the libretro core herself–which we greatly appreciate), we’d welcome it, as well.

it’s a pity, but I’m fine without that, I just wanted to experience it, I downloaded the standalone emulator and realized it wasn’t that amazing I thought it would be, but I still want to see this feature in Retroarch someday, principally if upscale get even more improved, as it seems at the time I’m writing this it is still an experimental feature due some graphic issues I experienced, and I thought it was finished. It’s my dream bsnes HD and this mGBA upscale fully finished because I love games that use the mode 7, until then I’ll enjoy the shaders to make it look more modern.

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