Mini vMac Core

In the Mini vMac standalone you can place multiple dsk files in the directory with the .exe and name them disk1, disk2, etc to open multiple disks (system, games, whatever) on startup. How do you do this in the RA core?

What are system shortcuts for things like “open disk”, etc… (alt O in the standalone).

I know this was never answered, but am also wondering, in case anyone knows…

In RA, this core always seems to load the default .dsk twice (appears twice on the desktop). Is there a way to prevent this?

Any help is appreciated… having trouble finding any solid info on this core. Thank you.

The only way I’ve been able to figure out how to load multi-disk games is either via a cmd file or from the command line. Take a look here.

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Thanks. I tried to get it working, but couldn’t. I’m launching through LaunchBox, on Windows, but none of the command line combinations would work. I always just get a duplicate of my first disk, but no second disk. Anyone know if this core is still in development?